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completelycaroline asked: Will you be my baerito?

If u will be my baenana

baerito and baenana, best baes fo ever

ohnoitsabigayle asked: Is toast a snack or a meal? I find it's a matter of opinion.

Toast is a food that surpasses all boundaries it can be whatever you wish. it can be a meal it can be a snack it can be a bed it is beautiful it cannot be contained into a single form

Anonymous asked: Hello lovely chief potato, I need some help and you've been so inspiring to me! I've been in recovery, I'm healthy again and food wise ok too but I have this issues with exercising. I need to move every. single. day. If its walking quickly, biking to school or running. As school started I feel so stressed with that. Like my schedule is so full but if I don't I skip snacks or so, I feel like I need to move. I don't know if I'm ever able to change that but I'm so tired. I don't want that anymore:(

Ah hello little potato! Exercise compulsion is part and parcel of your eating disorder, and it needs to be extinguished—exercise should be something that makes you happy, not stressed and dependent on and obsessed about, and in the long term this could seriously damage your body, which needs rest and recovery. Please do talk to your medical team or a doctor if you have one about this, especially since it can be linked to restriction on your part on snacks. You can change, I promise you—you don’t need to live like this, you can and WILL have a positive relationship with exercise. Have the courage to break free from this negative mindset with exercise and learn to accept peacefulness and stillness. Start with going for a short walk with a friend and then going back home instead of exercise every day, or doing slow yoga instead of the full blown exercise. Learn to have breaks, ask someone to stop you if needed, but the best is to get professional help for this.

Please do seek help, I promise you you can do this x