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Anonymous asked: tell us about a place you like (writing!)

Did something like that a while back, just cut out a paragraph for you x

Coolness in the air. Sky so blue it hurts. Clouds in thick roiling tufts, marshmallowy and sugar sweet. A crisp dryness to the wind; the smell of eucalyptus bark—herbal, tea, woody, pine. Trees with white and golden wood, dark acorn brown, spruce and pine and rich chocolate soil and dry grass. Beach—white silk sand, almost smoke when the wind gusts across the slope of the dunes, turning into hard wet cake when you walk down closer to the shore. Soft, wet clumps of grit and broken shell that get stuck in between and under your toes and that shift beneath the smoothness of your soles. Your footprints become little wells of saltwater. Sea swirling at your feet, boiling foam, surfer waves. Seagulls screaming. Hissing bubbles that nip your ankles. Thick waves. Salt on your tongue, salt in your eyes, salt crystals on your skin.

Anonymous asked: hello Lin! I was just curious about what kind of things you write? Will you ever give us a sample maybe? :)

I write angsty, whiny prose-poetry and pathetically sappyish things and write out things in heavy detail that make me happy like mornings and holidays so I can read them when I am sad which is quite pathetic but oh well coping mechanisms

AHAHAHA are you really interested? If you are I don’t mind posting a paragraph now and then, do tell me if you are though x

Anonymous asked: Do you do yoga?

I do! But I haven’t been doing much lately :-( I should get back to doing my chaturanga ouch

Anonymous asked: What chocolate brands do you use lovely? :)

Lindt, Mast Brothers, Pana now (thank you polaroidise for sending it over AHH), and Green & Blacks x

Anonymous asked: Omg how would I make those glorious sweet sandwiches with peanut butter, roasted banana, and chopped chocolate and the tahini berry one? That would make school days worth it!


strong sandwich game is the way to battle schooldays xx


i followed my heart and it led me into the fridge

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