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happy-plant-girl asked: Ok secret time, ever since you called me 'Samshine' I've been trying to come up with an equally as cute nickname for you girl! And (drumroll pls) I've got it! You are now dubbed 'Waterme-Lin' :) :) (Ps. I hope you've had a lovely week <3)

o M G DUUUUUDE YOU ARE A GENIUS i HOPe you DON’T MIND ME PUBLISHING THIS It’S SO CUTE i am wholly undeserving of such a smart and cute nickname aw you are the best my samshine!! Ahhh you are lovely and ps your fruit skirt is my fave and pps i hope your week was very lovely as well <3

Anonymous asked: You having to protect your bananas made me smile all day. BANANA PROTECTORS UNITE! ( cue the banana headbands and giant banana spears ) !

Protect the Potassium!! oh K? oh K

haaha I KNOW 0 CHEMISTRY OTHER THAN THAT hhAHAHHA I’m sorry I’m glad I could make you smile u r great and I love you

Anonymous asked: Do you read Soffa magazine? Is it good? I've heard of it, and Im considering if I should get it or not :3

I have no idea what Soffra magazine is! I’m sorry x

Anonymous asked: not gross, gorgeous! <3

aw u sweet as a marshmallow <3

Anonymous asked: I think that cHicken picture it's the scariest thing I've ever seen on a blog

u welcome



when did we decide to start telling people that they needed another human being to be complete? a slice of pizza is still pizza, a work of art is still art, you are still you whether you’ve got someone holding your hand or not.

someone liking you does not validate you. you are the stars, the earth, and the sun. your existence validates itself.

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