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Anonymous asked: hello, i've come for advice as well! my friend has recently started starving herself because she looks down on her own figure, which is in the acceptable range currently. however she seems to be drawn to skinny figures and is trying to achieve that through starvation, and i think that's a really bad way to 'diet'! in my opinion i think she's perfect the way she currently is, but y'know how skinny people look good in all clothes? that kind of thing :/ what are your thoughts on this?


first of all, that is the wrong way to diet—no one should starve themselves no matter what for! skinny people don’t look good in all clothes though, it varies with different body types really. not eating is the worst way to go about dieting, i feel personally that starvation is the warning sign of a disordered state of mind. ¬†you should have a chat with her about this, it’s also could be a symptom of an eating disorder. it’s no way to live honestly, and it will cause her health to deteriorate rapidly and arise all sorts of bad issues! i hope she is okay, feel free to talk to me more about this if needed :(

Anonymous asked: When did you start learning how to cook? PS: You're amazing i wish I know you in real life!!

hello sweet anon! i started cooking by myself, just trial and error with a hasty tip from mum now and then to make sure the house didn’t burn down! aw you can come off anon any time and we can be friends

Anonymous asked: Do you eat your oatmeals with that huge spoon in all your photos, or is it just for the shot?

haha i do eat it with the spoon! it isn’t that big though, looks are deceiving—its smaller than my usual spoons!

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